Terms of use

“Coupon voucher” for its promotion, is issued by service provider through web site Tourist Club, which is obliged to execute service user/bearer the service.


Not allowed to set up facilities that are contrary to mandatory rules, morals or good customs in order to provide positively legislation of the Republic of Serbia.


Specified services that are contained in the “Coupon Voucher” are an irreplaceable. To the services that in scope, deadlines and/or quality does not correspond to the specification in the “Coupon Voucher”, service customer, complaint/reclamation, may be referred only to the service provider.

“Coupon Voucher” is valid for one person unless otherwise stated in the “Coupon Voucher”.

It is forbidden to copy, store and/or falsification of “Coupon Voucher”.


One Who Gives a service confirms and provides evidence of the reservation to service user/bearer.


In case that the client/bringer of “Coupon Voucher “, does not use the service in the reserved time/term will lose the right to use the service and has no right to appeal/complaint.

Payment of services performed in the manner and under the conditions specified by the service provider.

If the client/bringer of “Coupon Voucher” search services not included in the “Coupon Voucher” is obliged to pay them to the service provider according to its valid price list.

“Coupon Voucher” cancellation or cancellation of the given reservation by service provider is possible according to the cases and conditions set forth in the “Coupon Voucher”.

Printing/downloading the “Coupon Voucher” the client/bringer of “Coupon Voucher“ confirms that he has read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions of “Coupon Voucher” Use and will in the future regularly before printing/downloading “Coupon Voucher“ visit site page with the Terms and Conditions of “Coupon Voucher” use.

Any dispute that may arise regarding the use of “Coupon Voucher” is in charge of the Commercial Court in Belgrade with the application Republic of Serbia laws.

Website owner - business company Afeja, has the right to alter these Terms and Conditions of “Coupon Voucher” use, without prior notice, by posting on the website new Terms and Conditions, thus shall cease to apply these Terms and Conditions.