Stara Planina

Stara Planina is the largest and most beautiful mountain in eastern Serbia. Midzor is its highest peak (2,169 meters). Natural features of Stara Planina are suitable for development of the winter sports, hiking, paraglider and hang-gliding, fishing, gathering of the medicinal and aromatic plants, fungi and others.

Babin zub is one of the peaks of Stara Planina, and is situated 1780 meters above the sea level. There is a hotel named after this peak, and ski slopes suitable for recreational skiing and sledding and baby-lift 250 meters long near by.

The forests rich in wildlife allow hunting tourism, and during the summer one can enjoy walking, paragliding, cycling, running, and other. Area of Stara Planina is environmentally clean and healthy, with no air pollution. Babin zub, Draganiste and Velika reka are declared as strict nature reservs, and streams and waterfalls of Bigrenog have status of the hydrological natural monument. A wide range of altitude is good for development and survival of rare plant species. The wealth of flora is reflected in the wealth of medicinal plants. The area of Stara Planina is characterized by the presence of 26 species of fish, and 203 species of birds, so that Stara Planina imposes as one of the greatest European centers of ornitological and genetic diversity of the mountains.

A tourist center called ‘’Babin zub’ is planned to be, with alpine skiing capacity for 14,000 skiers, 40 km of ski lifts, 100 km of ski trails, and accommodation capacity of over 8,000 beds.