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The website is accessible to all visitors, users and members based on membership. Members or users of the site may be physical and legal entities. „Afeja“ director decides on the acceptance or rejection of membership, including the possible termination of membership or use. The Director has the right to terminate the membership or use in the case of non-compliance with these rules or in other justified cases. Membership or use of the site service begins two days after the conclusion of the contract. The Director has the right to change the prices in the price list and shall inform the members or beneficiaries within 15 days of the adoption of the new price list to change prices on the site. The amounts paid before are not subject to change by the end of the paid period.

Members or users of the site during the registration/signing of the contract, have a possibility to chose their user name and password. The company „Afeja“ advises that choose an appropriate name. By opening your user account, in order to protect and preserve the safety of your account you are required not to disclose your user name and password to another person other than you, responsible person/entity and/or the site administrator. The company „Afeja“ recommends that you use a complex and unique password for your user account in order to prevent its abuse. After you register and log in, you will be able to enter details or place your bid. It is your responsibility to enter clean and accurate text or pictures informations.

The site is open to cultural, decent and well-intentioned communication. All judgments and other texts that contain insults, allusions or bad connotations, primitivism, belittling or rude and inappropriate words, AFEJA director is authorized to partially or completely delete without any consultation with the author of the text. Please use primarily Serbian language and English at Not allowed to use insulting signature. AFEJA director is not obliged to explain the reasons for the removal of messages and reserves the right to terminate accounts of members or users who violate these standards – rules.

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All opinions, councils and data published on the website are solely for informative purposes, (due to the specifics of each in solving problems and / or issues), so it can not be seen as a reliable and valid way to solve a problem. A company „Afeja“ Ltd does not bear any responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or gain betrayed expectation, arising from the use of reviews and/or advice obtained at this site, regardless of which originate at the origin and type of any damage. A company „Afeja“ indicates that only the lawyers who appear in the directory of the Bar Association are authorized to provide legal assistance and recommends hiring a professional attorney to address specific legal questions.

On the site is allowed to advertise only to members or website users who duly pay fee, and who have a contract with the company „Afeja“, if such advertising in accordance with the Law on Advertising, and other special laws. Ads that do not comply with the law and the editorial policy will not be posted. The Director reserves the right to change the ad. Obligations of the members and users of the site is the accuracy of the content of the articles and ads (advertisements), background checks in case of the first announcement. In the case of consecutive mistakes will not be able to recognize more than one complaint. For the true of published ads, copyright ownership to the photos, text, graphics, design, etc., that are being adopted and used in the ad, as well as the quality of the goods and services advertised, matches Purchaser/advertiser. The company „Afeja“ not actively monitor the posted messages, and sent the information, pictures and more, therefore, not responsible for their content. The company „Afeja“ does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information displayed on the site. The company „Afeja“ does not bear the cost of any damage incurred due to undisclosed, wrong or wrongly published the submitted advertisements, messages, information, pictures, etc... Handed over manuscripts, texts, drawings, photographs, etc. will not be returned. For all disputes which may arise, jurisdiction of the court in Belgrade and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

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