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Tourist Guide of Serbia - hotels, restaurants, sights and natural beauties of Serbia online.

Unified web presentation of all tourist potentials of Serbia.

A site designed for anyone who wants to know Serbia country well. For those who want information about the tourist offer of Serbia: catering facilities, accommodation capacities, as well as sights, natural beauties, tourist destinations - towns, villages (ethno tourism), spas, mountains, various manifestations, wine routes...

The site can be used for non-tourist purposes, the search for catering facilities in Serbia allows you to find restaurants in the place of residence or any part of Serbia through which you travel, as well as finding the restaurant according to the desired request, for example, traveling to visit your friends in Macedonia and like to dine in the garden of restaurant, you simply type in the key words of your wish and you will get a list of restaurants with this convenience in the right place.

Within the Info/Destination, a special segment is made for Travel Medicine - a section useful for our citizens who travel abroad as well as foreigners who come: advise doctors about what drugs to take on the road, which precautions to take on what type of vacation and on which destination, how to act in case of injury or illness. Special health advice for travelers suffering from chronic diseases or those who are in the process of treatment of certain diseases, injuries, recovery from various interventions.

In case of need of medical interventions, tourists in Serbia can get information via e-mail: [email protected]


Team of Tourist Guide of Serbia:

Milena Lukovic - administrator

Marko Cupurdija - software developer

Ana Milutinovic - web and graphic designer

Vladimir Lukic - expert associate, history

Marijan Dimitrijevic - accociate

Sandra Pavlovic - accociate