Nis Spa

Niška banja is a touristic resort with about 5000 inhabitants, only 10 km far from Niš, at the foot of the mountain Koritnik at the altitude of 250 m with moderate continental climate. It is connected to the city  of Niš by  city buses which run every 10 minutes. Airport Niš, city bus station and railway station are only 14 km far from Niška Banja.

Niška Banja was famous even at the time of Roman empire, it is a natural health resort with thermomineral springs:"Glavno vrelo", "Suva banja", Školska česma", "Banjica", "Pasjača" as well as with natural health mud. Temperature of the water is in the range of 36 to 38 C (degrees) and it is of mild mineralized, earthalkaline, homeothermal characteristics.

The Institute "Niška Banja" is a health, scientific-educational and research institution which deals with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. There are 450 employees, out of them 65 are physicians of various specialities, Ph.D., M.A., primarius with titles Professor, Asoc. professor and Ass.professor.

There are four hospital departments at the Institute: cardiology, rheumatology, physiatrics and orthopedics, which are exceptionally well equipped with contemporary medical apparatuses for diagnostics and treatment in the field of non-invasive cardiology diagnostics, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery (ultrasound apparatus for the heart, neck blood vessels, and joints, exemination ergometry, holtermonitoring of the heart and blood pressure, MR for peripheral joints, computerized bone denzitometer-measuring bone mineral density, artroskops, implantation of hip and knee prothesis, joint puncture, all corrective orthopedic interventions on soft tissues and bone-surgery in rheumatism.

All  diagnostic methods can be used as single or as a part of specialised programs which we suggest.There are special programs for cosmetic treatment such as face and body treatment (anticellulit program-removing of cellulit by underwater, manual and vibro massage,  cellutron, special exercises and sauna, as well). Our guests can also use the pool, jacuzzy pool, pearlbath, all contemporary electrotherapy procedures, exercises, extension of spinal column, the chair for relaxation massage, manuel massage, mud therapy, inhalation, and gim as well. Special program is a combined therapy for the chronic headache, pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, in the lumbal part of the spine as well as in the legs.

There are 560 beds in three stationaries: "Radon", "Zelengora" and "Terme" categorized as three star hotels. Each stationary is an entity which consists of lodgings and a complete therapeutic department (hydro, kinezy, electro and mud) and a few various gims for both group and individual organized recreation and fun.

Indications: hypertension, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, valvular heart disease, circulation disorders, pain in the spinal column, bones, joints and muscles, rheumataid arthraitis, sistemic diseases, gout, osteoporosis, Bechterew disease, children cerebral palsy, various palsies and paresis, hip and knee surgical intervention, rehabilitation after trauma, rehabilitation after orthopedic interventions and after surgical interventions on the heart, as well.

Besides, health-recreative tourism, in the Institute there are all conditions to organize and realize sport tourism (tennis court, open and covered basketball, handball and football ground, as well as paraglayding terrains), congress tourism (amphitheatar with contemporary technical equipment, capacity of 300 places, as well as plenum auditorium with 60 places), restaurants and saloons with recognizable national dishes.

There is a possibility of the organized transfer from the airport to the Institute as well as sightseeing of cultural-historical sights both of the city and surroundings.

In order to improve your pleasure during your stay in this health oasis, we did our best to introduce certain innovations. There is a pool with movable bottom, in the stationary “Zelengora”, which will provide maximal advantage of thermomineral water for  patients with difficult movement. There is also, recently opened, Wellness Center in the stationary “Radon” , with the following facilities: jakuzy pool, sauna, vibrosauna, massage (general massage, cellulit and with aromatic oil), hydrojet, aromatic bath, soapsuds massage, velvet bed, body package (chocolate, seaweed-mud, aha cream, cinnamon creame and drainage peeling), face treatment, all kinds of depilation, cellutron, and as a special package there are Antistress, Antiage and Anticellulit programs, as well as a Happy weekend.

A complete impression about the Institute "Niška Banja" could be achieved  during the stay at the especially beautiful and healthy environment of Niška Banja, that, besides the healing natural factor makes the Institute a special place for treatment, rehabilitation, vacation and  recreation too.

Helps in treating the following diseases: diseases of the locomotor apparatus, cardiovascular disease, conditions after surgical miocard revascularisation, rehabilitation of patients after embedding endoproteze for hip and knee, post-traumatic conditions, conditions after damage of the central and peripheral motor neurons, inflammatory and functional sterility. Healing waters and specificity of the Niska spa are provided by radon thermal water and natural mineral peloid.

Niska Spa has a soothing moderate continental climate. Very nicely decorated spa park covers about 5 ha, and in the immediate vicinity of the spa there is park-forest Koritnik, with trimed, well-kept paths. There is also a well known Sicevacka gorge, and one can visit Bojana’s water. Niska Banja has corts for sports competitions and recreational fields for soccer, handball and tennis, racetrack with recreational riding indoors and outdoors, and bowling.