Museum of Toma Rosandic

Museum of Toma Rosandic is the first memorial museum in Belgrade, dedicated to this famous sculptor and Serbian academician, born in Split, who lived from 1878 to 1958. 

It was opened in 1963. and is part of the Belgrade City Museum. It is located in the house where the artist lived and worked during his stay in Belgrade from 1929 to 1955, then ceded the city along with a large part of their work and personal items. These cases represent a permanent exhibition of the museum, and consists of 138 sculptures and thirty works of applied art, with famous creations Ecce homo, Mladost, Autoportret, Umorni borac, Raspece, Uskrsnuce, Arhangel Mihailo, etc. Currently closed for technical reasons.

Address: Ljube Jovanovica 3, 11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 (0) 11 265 14 34