Ethno village Moravski Konaci

This is a unique ethno village near Velika Plana, with the apartment area, restaurant and lake, a small zoo, a church (dedicated to Saint Nicholas), bell tower, house for priests, and all the typical ethnic style. The second part of the complex consists of grounds for sports and recreation, water park and restaurants.

On one of the islands it is possible to go walking, hunting, fishing, biking, swimming, do water sports, ball, boating by the lake, of enjoy coffee and cakes. There are numerous cultural and historical monuments in the vicinity such as Koporin monasteries, church Pokajnica, the most sacred building of Serbian Morava, and the golden age of Despotate (Ravanica, Manasija, Moravian monasteries ...), and the most signifficant points of the Serbian rebelian from the beginning of the twentieth century (Topola, Orasac ...). Ethno village has 9 suites, 21 beds, all in the range of hotel accommodation.