Bukovicka Spa

Bukovicka Spa is located in Arandjelovac, at the foot of mountain Bukulja, at 256 meters above the sea level. It is excellent for treating the following diseases: peripheral vasculopathy, metabolic diseases, chronic occupational diseases and poisoning by heavy metals, chronic neuralgia, polyneuropathy, dystrophic changes.

There are many mineral sources with temperatures from 12 to 28 ° C. Cold sources include a group of alkaline-acidic carbon hypothermals. Healing clay is used cold. Park Bukovicka Spa is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Settled on an area of over 21.5 hectares.

In the vicinity of Bukovicka Spa are numerous cultural and historical monuments, Karadjordjev city in Topola, the church in Oplenac, and Orasac - place where agreement about the First Serbian Uprising in 1804. year was made. Surrounding hunting grounds are rich in small game, and the artificial lake Garasi provides the opportunity for fishing.