Bujanovac municipality is located in southern Serbia in Pcinj district, east of the north of Kosovo and Macedonia. It is situated in the Presevo Valley. In prehistoric times the territory of today’s Bujanovac belonged to the ancient Illyrian tribes of Dardans. In ancient times it was a part of the Roman Empire.

After falling under the rule of Byzantium in the twelfth century, this region was conquered by the Serbian rulers. Bujanovac was under the Turkish rule since 1427, until 1912.

Bujanovac is a city of tradition, culture and tourism:

  • There is a great wealth of mineral waters in the small area – 32
  • Bujanovac spa
  • Monastery of Sr. Prohor Pcinjski
  • Archeological site of Kale Krsevica
  • St. Sava week
  • International folklore festival
  • Agricultural fare
  • Bujanovac cultural summer, and other.