The municipality of Alibunar occupies the southeastern part of Vojvodina. It is located in the southern and southeastern part of Banat. The area consists of important natural elements such as Alibunar-Vrsac plane, Ilandzanr marsh, the northwestern part of Deliblato, and part of the Danube-Tisa-Danube channel. The center of the municipality is a city Alibunar.

Alibunar was founded during the Turkish period. At this place there was a so called ‘Alija well’, by which it was named. After the withdrawal of the Turks, Alibunar became the Serbian village in 1717.


Serbian Orthodox Church in Alibunar dedicated to the Annunciation, built in 1796.
Romanian Orthodox Church in Alibunar, built in 1896.

Roman Catholic Church located in the center of the settlement, built in the 1913.
Of great importance is the Serbian Orthodox Church St. Nicholas in Ilandza. The temple was built during the Hungarian rebellion in 1848.


‘Mayday wakening’ is one of the biggest events, held on the first of May at the picnic site called Devojacki bunar, ‘Beekeeper meeting’ is also held at picnic site Devojacki bunar, on the last weekend in June, and it lasts for two days.’Golden Hook’ is the competition of sport fishermen, ‘Equestrian endurance marathon’ is a tourist event which is held on the first weekend of September at Devojacki bunar, and lasts for one day, ‘Hunt for the Banat’s fox’ is a new one, held in the second half of January.