3.1. North Metohia region - North Metohia

North Metohia region expands over area in north west part of Kosovo and Metohia, from the base of mountain Mokra Gora on north,  to river Pecka Bistrica on south, from 42° 49' geographic latitude on north to 42° 34' geographic latitude on south in the region, at altitudes from 380 m to 600 m. 


3.1. Severnometohijski rejon - Severna Metohija

Altitude of the region gradually decreases going from north and north west toward south and south east of the region. Areas where vineyards are is around 500 m high.

Region includes territory of the municipals: Istok, Pec and Klina.

Region is characterized by different expositions. Vineyards are raised mostly on south, south east, and east expositions.

Type of soil of this region is fluvisol, humofluvisol, semigley and koluvium, and to some degree distric cambisol and ranker, rendzina, sirozem and litosol on carbonate substrates, pseudogley, vertisol and other soils.

Topographic - relief characteristics of this region are Grebnicka Mountain (733 m) to the south east of the region, and mountain Zljeb (2.365 m), part of the mountain chain Prokletije,  on the north west of region. In the north part relief is characterized by ends of Pec hills, more exactly mountain Suva Planina (1810 m) which belongs to the Carpatho - Balkan mountains.

This area is dominated by forests of common oak, Turkey oak, and other. In the area of mountain submediterranean belt there are thermopile oaks , black and white hombeam, chestnut, and other. 

Out of all rivers,  the biggest if river Beli Drim originating under the mountain Zljeb,  and which flows along entire region in the direction of north west - south eaest, but there are also smaller rivers like Istocka Reka, Kujavca and Pecka Bistrica. Landscape characteristics in flatter part of the region are arable crops and numerous settlements,  and afore mentioned mountains can be seen in the distance.


North Metohia region has the following vineyards:

3.1.1. Pec vineyards – Pec, and

3.1.2. Istok vineyards - Istok.