2.7. Region of Backa - Backa

Region of Backa includes small parts of municipalities: Temerin, Sombo and Odzaci and consists of three oasis: Temerin, Backi Monosor and Karavukovo. 


2.7. Bački rejon - Bačka

It expands from 45° 47' geographic latitude on north (most northern oasis) to 45° 22' geografske geographic latitude on south (most south oasis), at altitude of around 80 m.

Type of soil in this area is chernozem, and some other soils as well.

This is typical lowland region, and oasis of this region are located near cannals in the system of cannal Danube - Tisa – Danube (DTD). Area is covered in pallid vegetation and there are mostly arable crops.