1.7.2. Pirot vineyards - Pirot

Pirot vineyards expands over hilly and mountain terrain of the valley of Pirot, on both sides of the river Nisava,  and it's comprised out of two parts - north and south.

North part is located on the right side of the river Nisava, on the narrow area between valley of the river Nisava and mountain Vidlic (1413 m), while south part start on the east at old road Pirot - Bela Palanka.

These parts of the vineyards include the following cadastral municipalities :

North part includes parts of cadastral municipalities of Crnokliste, Crvencevo, Kumanovo, Stanicenje, Temska, Sopot, Nisor, Pirot - outskirts, Gradasnica, Pirot - city, Berilovac, Izvor and Krupac.

South part includes cadastral municipalities of Ponor, Blato, Mali Suvodol, Kostur, Veliki Suvodol, Gnjilan, Pirot - outskirts, Stanicenje, Crvenčcvo, Pirot - city, Barje Ciflik, Rasnica, Drzina, Petrovac, Vojnegovac, Jalbotina, Sukovo, Gornja Držina, Vlasi, Banski Dol, Planinica, Sreckovac, Gojin Dol, Gradiste, Ciniglavci, Obrenovac, Zeljusa, Lukavica, Gradinje and Dimitrovgrad.