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At a time when time is getting shorter, with changes, new trends and wishes of tourists, online makes the key to presenting, familiarizing and maintaining contact, so the Tourist Guide team is there to help you!


Tourist guide of Serbia - unified base of accommodation and catering services of Serbia (close to 5,000 objects whose number is increasing every day). We allow our members to present themselves through linking with the platform and through joint appearances at fairs, events, festivals ... In this way, we strive to contribute to the development of tourism in Serbia, to promote its potentials, people and sights as well as to support the promotion of accommodation and catering capacities that make up an integral part of tourism.

* If you want access parameters to enter data for your facility, please send us a request (name of the facility, address and name of the person responsible for the update), and we will send you access data. The richer you transfer your offer through words, pictures, information, benefits that you have, it will be easier for tourists to find you and decide for you.

* As our members, be free to send us newsletters in the field of your business, and we will gladly announce them and inform you about this. (section News)

* If you have any additional questions, the team of the Tourist Guide of Serbia is at your disposal.


At the request of the members, we expect richer marketing packages as well as a joint presentation at the fairs ... ... this time in the next period (News)