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Junakovic Spa

Mineral spa and sport center Junakovic is located only a few kilometers from Apatin, at the edge of the forest. Spa Junakovic treats all types of rheumatism, trauma, injuries of perpheral nervous system, orthopedics, and postoperative conditions after spinal surgeries, consequences of cerebral insult, gynecological diseases, and some nonspecific respiratory disesases.

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Kanjiza Spa

Special Hospital for medical rehabilitation ‘Kanjiza’ located in Vojvodina, in northern Backa. This spa is eminent in treating the following diseases: rheumatism, conditions after injuries of the locomotor apparatus, peripheral nervous system injuries, postoperative states of orthopedics, conditions after spinal surgery, rehabilitation of injured children, and various states of the nervous system.

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Koviljaca Spa

Banja Koviljaca, one of the most beautiful and healthful spa resorts of the Balkan Peninsula, and is situated in Western Serbia, encased between the Drina River and wooded Mountain Gucevo, at an altitude of 128 meters

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Ljig Spa

This spa is part of the town of Ljig. Geographic position of the spa is excellent, it is located at the foot of the mountain Rajac, slopes of the Valjevo’s mountains, and its altitude is 152 meters. Spa complex follows the river Ljig until it comes to the river Kacar. The main curative factor of this spa is its mineral water, discovered in 1985. Its therapeutic effects are proven.

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Palic Spa

Palic is located in northern Backa, near Subotica and border with Hungary. In this spa following diseases are treated: rheumatism, sciatica, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, nervous diseases, diseases of the digestive tract. Water of the lake Palic is rich in sulfur, it’s alkaline and muriatic, with a temperature of 25 oC.

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Vrdnik Spa

Vrdnik Spa is located at the foot ot the sounthern slopes of Fruska gora, and it partialy belongs to the national park. In Vrdnik one can treat: rheumatic diseases, extrajoint rheumatism, post-operative conditions of the locomotore apparatus and spine, diseases of the central peripheral motor neurons, reconvalescent stages, respiratory and gynecological diseases, migraines, deformities of joints and spine.

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Vrujci Spa

Vrujci Spa is located in Podgorina of Valjevo, on the northern foothills of the mountains Suvobor and Maljen. Located in the valley of the river Toplica, right tributary of the river Kolubara, between Mionica and Ljig. Its altitude is from 179 to 252 meters, and it is one of the lowest spa in Serbia.

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Bogutovac Spa

Bogutovac Spa is located in the mountain regions of central Serbia, southwest of Kraljevo. On its eastern side there are wooded mountains Kotlenik, Stolovi, and Goc and Zeljin, which continue due south to the largest mountain range of Serbia - Kopaonik. On the west side there are mountains Jelica, Troglav, Cemerno, Radocelo and Rogozna. Between these two mountains ranges river Ibar – with the famous Ibar gorge.

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