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Bogutovac Spa

Bogutovac Spa is located in the mountain regions of central Serbia, southwest of Kraljevo. On its eastern side there are wooded mountains Kotlenik, Stolovi, and Goc and Zeljin, which continue due south to the largest mountain range of Serbia - Kopaonik. On the west side there are mountains Jelica, Troglav, Cemerno, Radocelo and Rogozna. Between these two mountains ranges river Ibar – with the famous Ibar gorge.

In Bogutovac Spa the following diseases are treated:

  • Psychiatric illness - from the least neurosis and psychoneurosis through severe illnesses, types of depression, mania;
  • Neurological disease - neuralgia, multiple sclerosis;
  • Migraines and vegetative lability of the nervous system that manifests dysfunction of the heart and blood vessels (high blood pressure, nervousness heart, irregular heartbeat, increased heart action);
  • Certain rheumatic diseases (painful swelling of the knee);
  • Varices veins;
  • Certain disease of the digestive tract - stomach nervousness, rapid peristalsis;

Bogutovac Spa - better known as "Neuro Spa" his epithet of "miraculous healing", "paradise for the nerves", "the source of new life", in a relatively short time of its existence, has been awarded the effective mineral water, wonderful climate with no fog, mixing the airstreams and pressure changes.

Treatment consists of bathing and drinking mineral water, which temperature is 24-27°C. Bogutovac spa offer completes the "path of health", the picturesque environment surrounded by wooded slopes of the surrounding mountains suitable for picnics and fishing, and there is possibility of fishing on the river Lopatnica. Hotel "Mineral" with 100 double-bed rooms and four suites, with a total of 208 beds, with medical clinics, hot tubs and swimming pools have a complete medical unit which provides medical treatment, rest and recreation.

Spas offer complete the "health path", which each visitor walked away happy, colorful environment surrounded by wooded slopes of the surrounding mountains, river Lopatnica and rich cultural and historical heritage (fortress Maglic, Zica and Studenica). Bogutovacka spa has also extra conditions to provide other services in the spa tourism: recreation for workers, preparation for sports training, school excursions, recreational classes, and other entertainment services - tourist character.

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