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Vrujci Spa

Vrujci Spa is located in Podgorina of Valjevo, on the northern foothills of the mountains Suvobor and Maljen. Located in the valley of the river Toplica, right tributary of the river Kolubara, between Mionica and Ljig. Its altitude is from 179 to 252 meters, and it is one of the lowest spa in Serbia.

In this spa one can treat: rheumatism, gynecological diseases, anemia, stones in the kidnies and urinary tract, skin diseases, faster healing wounds, eye diseases. The spa has 6 sources of mineral water (26 ° C to 27 ° C), and mud.

Vrujci is located at the foothills of mountains Suvobor, Maljen, and Valjevo with scenic landscapes, and diverse forest structure. There are rural households in the vicinity of the spa, equipped to take in guests. Rivers near the spa, Kolubara and Lepenica, are suitable for sport fishing. There are indoor and outdoor pools, gym, and sauna.

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