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Palic Spa

Palic is located in northern Backa, near Subotica and border with Hungary. In this spa following diseases are treated: rheumatism, sciatica, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, nervous diseases, diseases of the digestive tract. Water of the lake Palic is rich in sulfur, it’s alkaline and muriatic, with a temperature of 25 oC.

Mineral water contains lithium and rubidium, which are useful in treatment of rheumatic diseases, and diseases of the nervous system. Strontium in the mineral water helps with healing the broken bones.

There are tennis courts, facilities for other sports, athletic track, outdoor and indoor pooles with thermal water. On the shore of the lake Palic there are nicely decorated swimming areas. Palic has one of the most beautiful parks, and a very well equipped zoo. Visitors of this spa can do rowing, sailing boats, and fishing not only on lake Palic, but on lake Ludosko near by too.

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