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Ljig Spa

This spa is part of the town of Ljig. Geographic position of the spa is excellent, it is located at the foot of the mountain Rajac, slopes of the Valjevo’s mountains, and its altitude is 152 meters. Spa complex follows the river Ljig until it comes to the river Kacar. The main curative factor of this spa is its mineral water, discovered in 1985. Its therapeutic effects are proven.

Mineral water from this spa may be used as a supportive therapy because of its mineral composition and temperature, which changes the biological characteristics, and its used for treatment and rehabilitation of the following diseases: rheumatic conditions, posttraumatic conditions, the relative failure of peripheral (limbs) blood system, sport injuries, gynecology, intestines, hepatobiliar tract, urinary tract.

Grean areas near the existing spa center, in the village Ljig, have a favorable impact on the quality of climate and microclimate conditions, which helps rehabilitation. There are indoor sport courts, as well as outdoors, a swimming pool, and an adequate therapy based on thermal water.

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